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How Many League of Legends Champions Will be Released in 2022?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games released four new champions in League of Legends this year: Viego, Gwen, Akshan and Vex. How many League of Legends champions will be released in 2022?

Riot posted a Champion Roadmap update explaining that they had previously made a goal of releasing one new champion in every role each year, with the exception of mid laners receiving two new champions.

Clearly they had not reached that goal in 2021, but were still able to deliver a handful of new champions. The notes also explained that they were planning on releasing two champions with themed events towards the end of the year, but recognized that they didn't quite fit in with the themes.

Rather than changing the champions in order to fit the theme, Riot explains that they will be releasing them in early 2022. League of Legends players can expect two new champions to be released towards the beginning of the year.

How Many League of Legends Champions Will be Released in 2022?

Along with the two new champions that will be released, Riot still plans on trying to reach the goal of six new champions every year.

With the notes, Riot has given a preview on what the next two champions will be like. They have announced that they will be releasing a new marksman and a new support to follow a few patches later.

Riot created a kinetic marksman who plays the game at a machine gun pace and was given a shooter type feel. Similar to Graves or Jhin, Riot worked on a way to create a new purpose for altered auto attacks which will be seen with this new champion.

On the other hand, the support will be built off of the idea of money, technology and power. It is presumed that the champion's abilities will be based off the amount of gold a player has and will bring a new leadership position for supports.