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How Many League of Legends Champions Will be Reworked in 2022?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

As the 2021 year for League of Legends comes to an end, does Riot Games have any plan on reworking a few champions in 2022? Last year, Riot uploaded a poll in the game to ask League of Legend plays which champion was in need of a rework for 2021.

The champions included were Skarner, Udyr, Shyvanna, Nocturne and Quinn. By a long shot and no surprise, Udyr was top voted, being one of the older champions. With no consistent updates to the champion, Udyr was unable to keep up with the rest of the game and became a forgotten champion.

How Many League of Legends Champions Will be Reworked in 2022?

League of Legends has yet to receive Udyr's VGU and the development team is planning to rework his abilities. Players can expect to see the new Spirit Walker champion in Season 12, which should launch in mid January.

Riot hasn't talked much about what they are planning to do in updating his abilities, but they have mentioned that Udyr will continue to be a melee jungler. Riot also wants to incorporate more of his lore into his character design.

The different stances that will be introduced to the new, reworked Udyr will reflect the stances of Frejlordian demigods, and his visual appearance will reflect different animals that reflects the harmonious relationship he has with nature. There will also be references to Ionian design schemes to reflect his friendship with Lee Sin in his lore.

Along with Udyr's consistent rework, League of Legends players saw VGUs for Mundo, Volibear and Fiddlesticks this year. Players can expect other simple VGUs for older champions in the upcoming 2022 year.