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How Many Levels Are in Two Point Campus?

Noblestead is the game's knight-themed fourth level.
Noblestead is the game's knight-themed fourth level. / Image courtesy of Two Point Studios/Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

Want to know how many levels are in Two Point Campus. We've got you covered.

Two Point Campus released on Aug. 9 across consoles and PC, bringing a brand new style to the Two Point series. Players get to take the role of a university administrator and help struggling universities expand and prosper. Through bizarre courses such as dark arts, clowning, and knighthood, players must provide students with everything they need to excel.

Each level in Two Point Campus has its own challenges and gimmicks — some easy, and some surprisingly difficult. If you're wondering just how many different levels the game contains, here's what you need to know.

How Many Levels Does Two Point Campus Have?

At launch, Two Point Campus has 12 levels for players to work through. This doesn't mean that it's a particularly short game, though. The challenges in each level can often take a few hours just to earn the first Star, so be prepared to work.

Developer's Two Point Studios have said that the plan for Two Point Campus is to have similar DLC releases to the studio's previous release Two Point Hospital. From this, fans can expect a number of additional levels and content to arrive further down the line.

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Two Point Campus is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS, and Linux.