How Many Levels Does Metal: Hellsinger Have?

Courtesy of The Outsiders

We've detailed just how many levels of demon-bashing there are in Metal: Hellsinger.

Metal: Hellsinger is a first-person rhythm shooter where players take on the role of The Unknown, a human-demon hybrid who has found herself in the depths of the underworld. Her only way to escape is by blasting through hordes of demons to the beat of intense metal music, and through the ruler of the Hells — the Red Judge.

In order to escape, The Unknown must work her way through a number of levels, or "Hells" as they're called in-game. Each Hell has its own challenges and a heavy soundtrack to see you through.

So just how many Hells are there to fight through?

How Many Hells are in Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger features eight main levels to complete. Moving through the first few will unlock new weapons for The Unknown to wield on her journey.

Each Hell can be completed as many times as you like. Upon first completion, three additional challenges will be made available, rewarding players will special perks (Sigils) upon completion to use during the campaign.

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