How Many Missiles Are in Metroid Prime?

Retro Studios, Nintendo

With the new remastered version of Metroid Prime coming out for the Switch last month, many players are interested in finding out where the little collectibles are in order to find each the game's secrets.

With the inventory limit of 250 for Samus' missiles, players want to make sure that they can carry all of these missiles after collecting each of the missile expansions, or upgrades, spread throughout the game.

Below is some preliminary information for players who are expecting to complete every part of the new game, and collect as many inventory expansions to ensure that they can carry the maximum amount of missiles.

How Many Missiles Are in Metroid Prime?

There are 49 missile upgrades throughout the game, and while all are not necessary, it is good to collect them if you are planning to complete the game for 100%. These upgrades will be scattered throughout the map for players to find in different nooks and crannies across Tallon IV.

Some of the notable areas where players can find the Missile upgrades will be the Dynamo room, the Furnace, the Watery Hall and many more.

Many of the upgrades that players will be searching for across their journey will require either the use of a keen-eye, or by using some of Samus' other abilities to make sure they can effectively grab the collectible.

Metroid Prime Remastered was released Feb. 8 of this year.