How Many People Can Play Ghost Watchers?


Is Ghost Watchers co-op?

Ghost Watchers is a survival horror game that was released on July 28 by developer Renderise. The premise of the indie title is that players assume control of a ghost hunter, and are in charge of exploring abandoned houses to examine and hunt down ghosts. Players have access to a wide array of tools, weapons, and gadgets to combat the vast amount of ghosts the game has.

Ghost Watchers is currently sitting at "Very Positive" on Steam, with over 1,000 reviews since the game's initial launch just a week ago. The game is still in early access, so expect updates and new features to be added soon.

How Many People Can Play Ghost Watchers?

Ghost Watchers does not have local co-op, however online, up to four players can play together. Online co-op is an essential part of the Ghost Watchers experience. Teamwork is vital in making sure your team survives and are able to capture the ghosts haunting you.

Co-op also leads to hilarious moments of friends panicking in terror when one of their teammates gets taken out by a ghost, or when there's a miscommunication that leads to mayhem. Another advantage of having four players is that it helps alleviate tension and the overall spooky atmosphere of the game.