How Many People Play Fall Guys?

How many people play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
How many people play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | Mediatonic

How many people play Fall Guys? After its gigantic Aug. 4 release, it stands to reason that Mediatonic's smash-hit battle royale should have a large player base. After all, that kind of hype doesn't just wither away in an instant—or does it?

Here's what we can tell you about the numbers Fall Guys has raked in.

How Many People Play Fall Guys?

According to SteamCharts, within the last 30 days, an average of nearly 95,000 players have logged on to play Mediatonic's battle royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This is down about 30,000 players from its release month, August 2020. That's a 23% decline in activity.

The total peak players this month has reached 170,000 while last month that total was closer to 172,000. The average number of players in August hit just below 125,000.

Due to Fall Guys' release on multiple platforms, it's likely that these numbers may actually be much higher. SteamCharts only counts the players active via Steam. However, Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PlayStation.

Gamstat reports that Fall Guys has a total of 26 million registered players on PlayStation 4, alone. 9 million of these are recurring players and a total of ~14 million have signed up in the last month. Steam has seen just over 7 million unique downloads of the game.

These numbers are nothing to be ashamed of. Most games hit a decline after launch and eventually find a plateau between their peak and a low-point. Whether Fall Guys popularity will sustain itself or fizzle off entirely remains to be seen.

We can estimate that the total number of active players invested in Fall Guys could be around 10-17 million between the platforms.