How Many People Play Valorant

How many people play Valorant past its beta
How many people play Valorant past its beta / Riot Games

How many people play Valorant is a notable number considering the game's massive popularity.

Riot Games released their new strategic FPS to the public earlier this month on June 2 after keeping it in a closed beta for nearly two months. While in beta, the game garnered over 400 million viewing hours on Twitch. In fact, at the beginning of its beta, Valorant broke the platform's single-day viewership record at 34 million hours.

The previous record was also set by Valorant for its initial announcement at just over 12 million hours.

How Many People Play Valorant

According to a press release by Riot, "3 million players logged on" to play each day during beta. However, it's important to note that while in beta, the scope of players who had access to the game was significantly narrow.

Initially, Valorant was only available to those on PC in North America and Europe. Now, players in Russia, Korea, Asia-Pacific, Latin and South America, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa, Japan, and CIS countries also have their shot.

It goes without saying that the player base has likely grown with the open addition of new regions. At least, right now it does, as Riot has yet to release any concrete numbers concerning the game's audience after its public launch.