How Many Pokemon are in New Pokemon Snap?

Jessica Rogers

How many Pokemon are in the new Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap was released in late April and features a wide range of Pokemon from different generations. Whether you're capturing a photo of Lugia or observing the flaming footsteps of Scorbunny, players can take photos of many Pokemon across the Lental region.

How Many Pokemon are in New Pokemon Snap?

There are 214 Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. Players can discover different types of Pokemon in 12 areas which include Florio Nature Park, Founja Jungle, Elsewhere Forest, Maricopia, and. Blushing Beach. You can take photos of Legendary Pokemon such as Volcarona in Voluca Island, or discover special Pokemon such as Glaceon in Shiver Snowfields.

Players can discover different types of Pokemon during the daytime or nighttime. Every Pokemon has four unique expressions that can be captured with a camera. After taking a photo of the Pokemon, Professor Mirror then rates the picture on a scale with one to four stars. Players need one picture for every star rating in order to finish a Pokemon set.

There are ten Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in the Lental region. A few of the most difficult tasks in the game include taking photos of Celebi in Elsewhere Forest and Ho-Oh in the Voluca area.

Players will have many chances to capture photos of many Pokemon through completing requests in the LenTalk system. The best ways to capture photos include using Illumina Orbs and Fluffruit. After completing certain missions, you can receive rewards such as new stickers and frames for photos.