How Many Pokemon Are There in Generation 2?

How many Pokemon are there in Generation 2 is a question many ask when thinking back to the glory days.

Pokemon Generation 2 featured three games in the game's cycle: Gold, Silver and Crystal. Introducing a load of new Pokemon, Ho-oh, Lugia and Suicune graced the covers of each title respectively. Many favor the game's starters too with Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita becoming favorites.

Here's how many Pokemon there are in Generation 2.

How Many Pokemon Are There in Generation 2?

Pokemon Gen 2 added 100 new Pokemon bringing the total tally in the Pokedex to 251. Interesting facts about the generation include that Gold, Silver and Crystal didn't add a new enemy faction in the game nor did it ad a Dragon pseudo-legendary.

Several of the new Pokemon in Gen 2 were evolved forms of previous non-evolutionary Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow.

Gen 2's region was called Johto. After players defeated its Elite Four, they were able to explore Kanto.

Gen 2 would later be remade for Nintendo DS as Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Sliver.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo/GAME FREAK