How Many Side Missions are in Borderlands 2?

How many side missions are in Borderlands 2 is a great question to start building your leveling plan off of. Knowing just how much content is available to level through is vital to figuring out where to start, where to end, and exactly how much slack you should cut yourself if you'd like to hit max level. Additionally, if you find yourself under-leveled for a certain quest, knowing there are side quests available can give you that boost you'll need.

Here's exactly how many side missions are in Borderlands 2.

How Many Side Missions are in Borderlands 2?

Gearbox put in 109 side missions into Borderlands 2, in total. A good portion of them are add-ons of previous quests or slightly tweaked repeats of other side quests that can be repeated. Here is a list of some of the side missions you can find in Borderlands 2.

  • "3:10 to Kaboom"
  • Three "A Real Boy" missions
  • Three "Animal Rescue" missions
  • "Assassinate the Assassins"
  • Five "Bandit Slaughter" missions
  • "Best Mother's Day Ever"
  • "Capture the Flags"
  • Seven "Clan War" missions
  • Two missions involving "Claptrap"
  • Four "Cult Following" missions
  • "Demon Hunter"
  • "Do No Harm"
  • "Doctor's Orders"
  • Two missions involving "Jack"
  • "Hell Hath No Fury"
  • "Hyperion Contract 873"
  • Five "Hyperion Slaughter" missions
  • Two "Medical Mystery" missions
  • "Minecart Mischief"
  • Three "Monstar Mash" missions
  • "No Hard Feelings"
  • "No Vacancy"
  • "Positive Self Image"
  • "Rakkaholics Anonymous"
  • Four "Rock, Paper, Genocide" missions
  • "Rocko's Modern Strife"
  • "Shoot This Guy in the Face"
  • "Symbiosis"
  • "The Name Game"
  • Three "The Overlooked" missions
  • "This Just In"
  • "Torture Chairs"
  • "Written by the Victor"
  • Three "You Are Cordially Invited" missions
  • "You. Will. Die. (Seriously)"

Image courtesy of Gearbox Software