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How Many Skins Are in League of Legends as of 2021?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends has been known for its popular character designs with a wide variety of skins for players to obtain and show off in the game. League of Legend has been released for over 12 years now, adding new skins and cosmetics every few patches. How many skins are in League of Legends as of 2021?

Riot announced that for 2021, they had a goal of releasing 140 new skins, and they did reach that number. Riot added impressive skin sets that were loved by many League of Legends players and can expect to see a similar number of new skins next year.

How Many Skins Are in League of Legends as of 2021?

As of now with the release of the new Debonair 2.0 skin set, League of Legends has 1,383 skins. More champions have received more skins than others based on how popular the champion is.

For example, Ahri, an extremely popular character, currently has 14 skins while Taliyah, a less-played champion, has three skins.

Along with skins, Riot has also upped their releases of chromas. Chromas are slightly different than skins as they change the color scheme of a skin, original or special.

Each champion has around 10 chromas, with 275 different chromas for special/unique skins. As of now, Riot has around 2,750 chroma skins.

For next year, players of League of Legends should expect Rio to release around the same amount of skins and chromas into the game. There is no news on any upcoming skin sets as the Debonair 2.0 skin set launched on Dec. 8, but more will definitely be on its way soon.