How Many Weapons Are in Metal: Hellsinger?

Courtesy of The Outsiders

Wondering how many weapons you can choose to aid demonic destruction in Metal: Hellsinger? Here's what you need to know.

Metal: Hellsinger is a first-person rhythm shooter where players take on the role of The Unknown, a human-demon hybrid who has found herself in the depths of the underworld. Her only way to escape is by blasting through hordes of demons to the beat of intense metal music, and through the ruler of the Hells — the Red Judge.

Helping The Unknown with her dangerous escape are a variety of weapons, each with their own special abilities. Choosing the right one for the job is key in escaping the Hells alive.

How Many Weapons Are in Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger features six different weapons to equip and use, each with their own unique abilities. Some are available from the start, while others are unlock as you move through the Hells.

  • Terminus: The Unknown's sword, used for close quarters melee attacks. Available from the start.
  • Paz: A sentient skull who fires steady shots, perfect for getting enemies down the the Slaughter threshold. Unlocked during the Tutorial
  • Persephone: A shotgun that deals significant damage the closer you are. Easy to stay on beat. Unlocked during Voke.
  • The Hounds: Twin pistols great for fast, precise shots. Unlocked during Stygia.
  • Vulcan: A crossbow with a two-arrow capacity that fires explosive area-of-effect damage. Unlocked during Yhelm.
  • Hellcrow: A pair of boomerang-style hooks that don't require a reload and damage anything caught in their paths. Can only be thrown again once they return. Unlocked during Incaustis

Every Ultimate attack, and charge, is unique to each weapon. Switching between weapons also switches to that weapon's own Ultimate charge, meaning you can switch between two weapons and line-up two Ultimate shots for some truly devastating damage.

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