How Much Are My Pokémon Cards Worth?

Lucario / The Pokemon Company

For Pokémon card collectors, there's no cooler feeling than packing one of your favorite cards or one that goes for big bucks. When you pack one, you have two choices; you can keep it for your own collection, or sell it to a collector for a good value.

If you want to choose the latter, or just want to find out how much some of your collection is worth, there are multiple sources to find out. Here's how you can find out how much your Pokémon cards are worth.

How Can I Find out How Much My Pokémon Cards are Worth?

Arceus / The Pokemon Company

There are multiple databases that can provide you with the value of any specific Pokémon card you pack. Markets like eBay and stock x are places where you can buy, sell and check prices for many cards. However, for more expansive databases that can show you values and even Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) ratings, Price Charting is a good source.

Price Charting is a website where you can check the value of various collector's cards according to their rarity and PSA rating. They have databases for baseball cards, basketball cards, and various other sports. They're database is popularly used especially for Pokémon cards, where you can find out what makes a PSA 10 rating or how rare a card that you pack truly is.

From there, if you find that you have a good valued card with a good PSA rating, you can choose to keep it or put it up for auction on various Pokémon card-selling websites. However, before you choose to sell or keep, always check the value of the card you are interested in, you never know how much money you are holding onto with that one special Pokémon card!