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How Much are the Animal Crossing Puma Shoes?

Preview of the Animal Crossing Puma shoes
Preview of the Animal Crossing Puma shoes / Photo courtesy of Puma

Animal Crossing Puma Shoes are coming to shelves and sites soon. Yes, you heard that right.

On Thursday, Puma released a cryptic tweet hinting at an upcoming crossover with Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now there's finally more information. Here's what you need to know, everything from design to price about the Animal Crossing Puma Shoes.

How Much are the Animal Crossing Puma shoes?

The Animal Crossing Puma shoes price is currently unknown though there's room for speculation. What is known so far is that the Animal Crossing shoes will be a variation of Puma's Wild Riders. Moreover, the design of the shoes is very similar to the design of the Wild Rider Layers. Those shoes are currently listed for $110.

As a special limite edition collaboration, the Animal Crossing shoes will no doubt be more and could be listed in the $130-$160 range. Though the number is pure speculation and no price has been confirmed nor leaked.

What do the Animal Crossing Puma Shoes look Like?

Animal Crossing and Puma collaboration
Preview of the Animal Crossing Puma shoe / Photo courtesy of Puma

The soon-to-be-released shoe has a color palette that mirrors that of Animal Crossing New Horizons. The shoe has dashes of green and brown for the frequent vibrant Earth tones seen in the game. Additionally, the light blue toe with white cloth surrounding the shoe reflects the blue skies fluffy white clouds that seem to permeate the skyline.

The design within the main white part of the shoe are also littered with various characters players consistently interact with throughout New Horizons.

No release date for the Animal Crossing shoe is known, so until one is announced fans of the game and Puma alike will have to wait with anticipation.