How Much Are the Valorant Spectrum Skins?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games officially announced the Zedd x Valorant collaboration, SPECTRUM, on Tuesday. The collaboration features a new set of weapon skins made with Zedd, who helped mix the audio for each weapon.

Zedd and Riot Games are not strangers. Zedd has worked with Riot in the past, notably creating the 2016 League of Legends World Champion theme song, Ignite. Additionally, Zedd is no stranger to Valorant. The musician consistently streams his Valorant gameplay on Twitch where he plays at a high level. This collaboration is the first between Zedd and Valorant.

How Much Are the Valorant Spectrum Skins?

The Spectrum skins are scheduled to be released on Wednesday, Sept. 8. The price for the full bundle will be 10,700 VP, which includes skins for the Phantom, Guardian, Bulldog, Classic, and melee weapon. The skins feature an electric white theme with sound design to mimic Zedd's electronic music genre.

Both parties have noted that these skins are incredibly complex and have new exciting features. Look out for the Spectrum bundle to hit the Valorant store soon.