How much data does PUBG Mobile use? As one of the most popular mobile games in the world, PUBG Mobile is under a lot of pressure to remain as accessible as possible, and low bandwidth usage plays into that accessibility. Here's how much the game tends to use.

How Much Data Does PUBG Mobile Use?

PUBG Mobile's data usage is pretty significant. The game can burn up anywhere from 15-50MB per 20-30 minute round. Exactly how much is used can vary based on a few factors.

For one, the length of the match will do a lot to change the data usage, with longer matches requiring more data. Another major factor is voice chat, which can quickly double data usage in a match. Finally, your game's visual settings affect data usage. The higher fidelity your image, the more data you'll use up.

For minimal data usage, avoid voice chat and drop your visual settings as low as possible.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp