How Much Does Among Us Cost?

How much does Among Us cost
How much does Among Us cost / Photo by InnerSloth

"How much does Among Us Cost?" might be the question on many minds as the hidden identity game gains prominence among streamers. Among Us was first published in 2018 by InnerSloth, the developers behind the popular Henry Stickmin game series, for IOS, Andriod and PC.

How Much Does Among Us Cost?

The game structure is similar to Mafia or Werewolf but set in space. Up to three players play as an Impostor who must kill all of their crew mates and prevent them from completing tasks around the ship. While tasks are being completed players are not allowed to talk to one another to ensure anonymity. Once a body is discovered the crew gets together to debate who they believe the impostor is. If the impostor is discovered and killed the crew wins.

The actual cost of the game depends on which platform you decide to purchase the game on. Among Us is free for Android and IOS but the PC version costs $4.99.

This might seem odd or a little unfair but this is because in the PC version all of the hats, which are paid DLC in the mobile version. So if you want hats get the PC version, but if you don't really care about cosmetics the mobile version is free. No matter which version you pick, cross play is available so you can still play with friends who have other versions.