How Much is Burning Crusade Classic Level Boost?

Tauren cheering
Tauren cheering / courtesy of MrGM on Twitter

How much is Burning Crusade Classic level boost?

For those eager to hit the ground running once the Dark Portal opens, some are considering getting a little boost to help out the process.

The chunk of content released with the pre-patch has been out for a couple of days now, with players able to experience the new races: Dranei for the Alliance, and Blood Elves for the Horde.

How Much is Burning Crusade Classic Level Boost?

Priced at $39.99, the level boost allows the player to boost an existing character to level 58, or create a new character to instantly make them level 58. The level boost is currently out, being released on May 18.

With the release of Burning Crusade Classic looming on June 1, the level cap will increase from 60 to 70, with all the content from 58-70 taking place on the new world accessible through the Dark Portal, Outland.

Leveling Boost Inclusion Incites Controversy

At the heart of Classic WoW was the legitimate efforts from the developers to keep as much of the original spirit that made WoW amazing in 2004.

Now, many complain Blizzard has lost site of fostering that original spirit. The level boost is sure to change a lot, and very likely encourage the negative systems that plagued Classic: the bots, the boosters, etc.

Regardless, anticipation for Burning Crusade Classic continues to build with less than two weeks away from the Dark Portals opening!