How Much is Farthest Frontier?

Photo Courtesy of Farthest Frontier on Twitter

Starting from nothing and building a successful civilization is one of the most satisfying things. That's why games like Minecraft and Sid Meier's Civilizations are always fun.

But a new game has been released that aims at the same sort of game play, Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier is currently available in early access on steam and will be like that for about eight to twelve months according to the developers.

How Much is Farthest Frontier?


Currently the game itself is available for purchase for $29.99. That includes only the game itself.

There are other bundles that include other games for an increased price. But if you only want Farthest Frontier, $29.99 is the price.

What is Farthest Frontier?

Farthest Frontier has you set on the edge of the known world. You start with nothing and through building, harvesting, hunting and fishing, will create a working civilization.

Trade with nearby inhabitants to improve on what you already have. Building your society isn't the only thing that matters. Beware of the outside world.

You must survive the elements and build your town to withstand the weather. Not only will you have to battle the weather, but you must also beware of nature itself and what lies inside it.