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How Much is Ghostface in Warzone?

Photo by Activision

The Haunting is one of the new events in Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone. Along with the event, you can purchase the Ghostface cosmetic to make your character freak out the opposition.

Ghostface is the popular killer from the Scream franchise and he's now made his way to Warzone.

How Much is Ghostface in Warzone?

In the tweet above, CallofDuty's twitter account announced that the Scream Operator Bundle is officially available in game for players around the world to purchase and scare the opposition like never before.

To purchase the bundle, players are going to have to purchase the Scream Operator Bundle in game for 2,400 Cod Points. The total cost for that amount is $19.99.

For purchasing the bundle you will receive:

  • Ghostface Operator Skin
  • Plot Twist Weapon Skin
  • Slasher Weapon Skin
  • Ghost Blade Weapon Skin
  • Cordless Phone Charm
  • Scary Hours Watch
  • Violent End Finishing Move
  • SCREAM Emblem
  • Stabbing Motion Calling Card
  • Double XP Token

With the cost being about $20, you definitely receive a ton of new in game content with some perks such as the Double XP token. For bundle with a hefty price, it seems to be a good deal after all.

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