How Much is the Zadie Skin in Fortnite?

Photo courtesy Epic Games

The Zadie skin in Fortnite costs 1,200 V-Bucks as it has made its appearance again in the Fortnite shop on Jan. 15, 2022. The Zadie skin is rare, and when paired with its Metal Masq Bundle, which is at a going price of 2,400 V-Bucks, being able to purchase not just the Zadie skin, but other fun accessories.

How Much is the Zadie Skin in Fortnite?

Originally released on Feb. 5, 2020, this skin made a comeback to the store on Jan. 15, priced at 1,200 V-Bucks. Being a part of the release in Chapter 2, Season 1 of Metal Masq, it also can come with two other variations, the Arctic and Jungle.

Once purchased, the Zadie outfit comes with a set of challenges that can unlock the other two styles. The challenges are:

  • Play three creative games of any kind.
  • Purchase items from vending machines in any creative match ten different times, being rewarded the Jungle style.
  • Damage players with pistols in any creative match
  • Complete any three challenges to earn the Arctic skin

Once having completed the fun challenges provided by the Zadie skin, the user can unlock both the Arctic and Jungle sets.

If a player wishes to collect all items from the Metal Masq set, there is also the outfit Metal Mouth, the Spiked Mace harvesting tool, the Visions of War loading screen, and finally the Masq mark spray.