How Much Money Has Palworld Made: Total Sales

Here's how much money Palworld has made.
Here's how much money Palworld has made. / Pocket Pair

After less than a month on the market, Palworld has made an incomprehensible amount of money in total sales.

Palworld has become the most popular game in the world at the start of 2024. Whether you want to catch Pals, explore the open-world, or take down nasty poachers, the indie title offers plenty of in-game challenges and experiences that captivate all types of gamers. In just two weeks, the game broke Steam records, cementing the second highest all-time peak in Steam history with 1.85 million players.

The hype around Palworld can only mean one thing: the game is raking in a lot of money.

How Much Money Has Palworld Made: Total Sales

As of Jan. 24, Palworld sold 8 million copies on Steam alone. Priced at $26.99 for its first official week on Steam, we can estimate the game garnered close to $216 million in revenue. However, developers receive only 70% of the revenue earned on Steam, so they have likely made over $151 million.

Keep in mind these numbers are not including any Xbox sales. Therefore, the total money made from Palworld in just two weeks is even more than our estimates, and will likely keep increasing as the game continues to become more and more popular.

What makes the figures even more impressive is the recent revelation from Pocketpair's CEO, Takuro Mizobe regarding the indie game's budget. According to Mizobe, the game cost roughly $6.7 million to create.

Clearly, the game is wildly profitable and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Future of Palworld Remains Uncertain After Nintendo DMCA Strike

Despite its overwhelming success and popularity, the future of Palworld remains uncertain. The game's Pals have drawn heavy comparisons to Pokémon, so much so that Nintendo is keeping a close eye on the title.

Just last week, Nintendo served a DMCA strike to YouTube content creator, ToastedShoes, who created a Pokémon mod for Palworld, bringing Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and more to the game. Nintendo's swift action came after a teaser for the mod went viral, forcing the creator to withhold releasing it to the public.

Stay tuned for more Palworld news as the game continues to garner the right (and wrong) attention from gamers across the world.