How Much Money Have I Spent on Valorant?

Photo via Riot Games

Valorant players spend a lot of money on the newest skins, so Riot makes sure to give players the option to see just how much they've actually spent through their purchase history.

Valorant is a freemium game, where players can either play completely for free, or spend money on cosmetic items such as gun skins and animations.

While buying skins in Valorant doesn't give players actual advantage in gameplay, many make sure to buy all the newest packs.

So, here's how can you see how much money you've actually spent on the Riot Games shooter.

How Much Money Have I Spent on Valorant?

Players can check out how much money they've spent on Valorant through their official website.

How Much Money Have I Spent on Valorant?
Photo via Ashley Cortez / PlayValorant

All you have to do is log into the website, and then this page will reload, and the option should change to "Check Purchase History".

From there, players can see every single purchase they've made via their credit/debit card or Valorant girl cards.

The list will also include every time they've purchased a gun with their Valorant Points.

Can You Check How Much Spent In-Game?

Unfortunately for players, there is no in-game way to check purchase history.

For those interested, they'll have to go directly to the Riot Games support website linked above.