How Much Space Does League of Legends Take?

How much space does League of Legends take is a rather simple question to answer.

League of Legends, the massively popular multiplayer online battle arena game from Riot Games, is completely free to play. Although, like every computer game, users must have available space on their hard drives to download the title.

Here's how much space you need to download League of Legends on your computer.

How Much Space Does League of Legends Take?

League of Legends' official minimum requirements recommend that users have eight gigabytes of available hard drive disk space. The official recommended requirements have 12 GB listed for hard disk space.

Of course, the more disk space and RAM you have available, the smoother your game will run. It's all based on your PC and what you can run without totally stressing it out. Thankfully, League of Legends is optimized and not a total hassle for computers.

League of Legends is available for download on both PC and Mac.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games