How Old is Barbara in Genshin Impact?

Promo art for Barbara
Promo art for Barbara / miHoYo

How old is Barbara in Genshin Impact? It's tough to find a set-in-stone answer for many character's ages, so we have to use clues from other characters to get our info.

How Old is Barbara in Genshin Impact?

Barbara is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky character in Genshin who is identifiable with her great love for music. She calls herself an idol, no matter how good others think she is at singing.

With time, the community embraced her music, and her tunes became a symbol of happiness and joy for the people.

Our best bet in finding out the age of Barbara is to take a look at her older sister, Jean. If we estimate Jean's age to be 20-21, it's safe to say that Barbara is 16-17.

While not a confirmed age by the creators, much of the Genshin community agrees that Barbara's age is either 16 or 17.