How Old is Echo in Overwatch?

Do we know how old Echo is in Overwatch?
Do we know how old Echo is in Overwatch? / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

How old is Echo in Overwatch? Being a robot, Echo doesn't really have an age. She takes on a similar persona to her creator, Dr. Liao, who's age is also unknown.

How Old is Echo in Overwatch?

Echo was created during Overwatch's golden age, before the organization fell. She observed Liao's mannerisms and adopted them over many hours of being active, until Dr. Liao was killed in an attack.

Echo was shut down, as the organization feared the project was too dangerous to continue after Dr. Liao's death. She was reawakened by McCree recently.

We know Echo was created after Overwatch was formed, which would make her at most 29 years old. McCree was also an old friend of Echo, as he was assigned to bodyguard Dr. Liao during Echo's development on some occasions when he was in Blackwatch. This gives us a more specific time frame of eight to 20 years ago.

Outside of the game's lore, Echo is one of the earliest designed Heroes for Overwatch, originally pitched as Iris. Her design goes back even as far as Project Titan, the original project that became Overwatch.

It's unknown how old Echo truly is, but she has been involved with Overwatch in lore and in real life for a long time.