How Old is Klee from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact's Klee
Genshin Impact's Klee / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Genshin Impact players have been curious as to how old Klee is.

Klee is one of the most iconic characters of Genshin Impact. As the second 5-Star to ever get their own featured banner, the adorable Spark-Knight is well known not only for her exciting kit, but for her adorable design and appearance in important story events in the game. Since Klee is one of the few characters in the game with the child model, players have been curious about what her official age is.

How Old is Klee from Genshin Impact?

While Mihoyo has never officially announced Klee's age, in-game information along with player speculation suggests Klee is around 7 years old. This would make Klee the youngest character in the game, which players have already been able to tell based on her childish speech and mannerisms, as well as by the way the older characters like Jean and Albedo take care of her.

Klee's mother, Alice, has been referenced in the game by many characters, and had a voiced appearance during Version 1.6, however Alice is a famous adventurer who's expected to have lived over 500 years, meaning her age can't be used to figure out Klee's age. This means players are left to their own assumptions until Mihoyo makes any official statements.