How Old is Midas in Fortnite?

How Old is Midas in Fortnite? Here's a theory to answer that question
How Old is Midas in Fortnite? Here's a theory to answer that question / Epic Games

How old is Midas in Fortnite is something players have been asking since his unveiling at the start of the season.

It makes sense that players will be looking for more information about Midas. As one of the primary NPC villains introduced in this new season, Midas and his origins make for interesting discussions within the community. Many quickly caught on to his mythological inspiration, King Midas, who stands as a parable against human greed.

Buckle in, folks. This is going to be a long one.

How Old is Midas in Fortnite

There is no official age for Midas in Fortnite, but some players have crafted interesting theories to figure it out. Often, the theories hinge on two components: Meowscles and the yacht statue.

Let's focus in on the yacht statue, first. It's clear that the statue was built years before this plot line as it depicts Midas without his scar. Comparing the two images, we can see concrete differences in the facial structure of the two—statue Midas still has some roundness to his cheeks which implies he still has some physical maturing to do while our Midas has more of a chiseled look.

We can most likely place the statue's age around 16-18—give or take a few years. This gives enough time for Midas to not only get his scar but also grow into himself. Now, we just need to calculate the amount of time between those two events.

Next, onto Meowscles. According to the Battle Pass trailer, Meowscles is around six human years old. Due to his unusual stature, it's hard to say exactly when Meowscles grew his physique, but we may be able to solve this equation with a little zoological knowledge.

Cats reach sexual maturity at six months. However, they don't stop physically growing until they hit at least a year and a half. The rule is typically that the larger the cat is, the longer it takes to reach its full size. Meowscles is at least as tall as Midas—if not more—so, assuming an average domestic cat hits its full height of ~20 in. at two years and the average height of a human male is ~5 ft, Meowscles most likely reached this recently at age six.

Why is this important? Well, who else would've given Midas his scar? We know from the helmets Midas keeps on display that he was responsible for the death of Lynx—who was very close to Meowscles at the time. We can most likely assume that Meowscles attacked Midas out of revenge and, due to his size, possessed natural weapons strong enough to severely injure Midas.

This means that, not only would Midas' scar be a recent trauma—let's say the past 2 years or so to be generous, maybe Meowscles didn't need to be so big to cause that kind of damage—its now possible to make a real estimate at Midas' age given the date of the trauma.

By our best estimate, given Midas to be in his late teens at the time of the statue and adding something between four to six years by adding in his scar, Midas would have to be in his early twenties by the time of this event.

Conclusion: Midas is anywhere between 20-24.