How Tall Is Xiao In Genshin Impact?

Xiao is currently one of the most desirable characters in the game
Xiao is currently one of the most desirable characters in the game / Photo Courtesy of miHoYo

Just how tall is Xiao in Genshin Impact? Xiao is a five star character first introduced as an NPC, and then later made a playable character in the 1.3 update on Feb 3. Given his status as a five-star, and the fact he has how own banner, Xiao has quickly become one of the more popular characters in the game.

How Tall Is Xiao In Genshin Impact

Now, to be fair to Xiao, he isn't actually a human, but rather an Adepti, a deity creature serving the Geo Archon That being said, in-game, he's exclusively in his human form. And his height in his human form? The answer is 5'2", around the shorter side of characters in the game. Now, for those thinking this is just an interesting piece of trivia, that's not exactly true. The size of characters can actually lead to some gameplay differences, and height plays a part in a way.

Each character in the game is either an adult male/female, a teenage male/female, or child male/female in terms of the character model. Depending on which character type they are, they'll get some subtle bonuses. For example, adult males have the fastest travel time on land while adult females are usually the fastest swimmers. Since Xiao falls into the teenage male model, he isn't exactly the best at movement. This means players may want to pick other characters when exploring. However, Xiao is absolutely devastating in combat, so be sure to switch back to him when taking on bosses or the spiral abyss.