How the Clockwork Vendetta Composition is Taking Over Competitive Overwatch

For over a year, GOATS has dominated the Overwatch Competitive landscape. However, there is one team in Overwatch Contenders that has shocked the scene with their unorthodox play style of a bunker composition.

A European Contenders team by the name of Clockwork Vendetta has been the talk of the town when it comes to Overwatch Contenders. Not only does the team decide not to run the dominant GOATS composition, but they run an eccentric style of bunker composition with niche characters such as Torbjorn and Mei, who have never been seen as viable picks for much of Overwatch's competitive history.

Despite Clockwork Vendetta not running what is considered to be the most viable strategy in the game, the team has been sticking to what they are good at playing, and they are currently the top rated team in European contenders.

Clockwork Vendetta run an unorthodox bunker composition with Orisa and Roadhog as the tanks, Ana and Zenyatta as the supports, and most shockingly, Mei and Torbjorn as the DPS heroes. They may sometimes even opt to run Doomfist instead of a Mei, and they can even decide to play three damage-dealing heroes while using only one support.

This particular composition finds its success due to the relatively consistent damage output that is spread out between all the heroes on the team, as well as having many potential sources of crowd control. In addition, Torbjorn and Mei have their own ways of sustaining themselves without the help of supports, meaning that each player can play somewhat independently from their team. All of these aspects of the composition, when put together, makes it extremely difficult for a GOATS composition to deal with. As such, other teams are often forced to play similarly to Clockwork Vendetta, but it seldom works because of how skilled Clockwork Vendetta are at their own niche.

Clockwork Vendetta stormed their way through the Overwatch Open Division winning first place, and made their way to European Contenders by placing at the top of the European Contenders Trials. They are currently playing round robin matches for the regular season where they are at the top of the current standings. Their next match is against Samsung Morning Stars on Thursday, July 18, 2019.

Photo Courtesy of Clockwork Vendetta

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