Apex Legends

How to Access Apex Legends Season 15 Map Teaser

Respawn Entertainment, EA

Apex Legends Season 15 Golden Ticket is the key to teasers around the game's new map, set to be released in Season 15. The Golden Ticket teaser event, which is rather coyly named "A New Home," began Wednesday, Oct. 19, and gives players hints and suggestions regarding the first Apex Legends arena set to be released since Storm Point arrived in Season 11 hit in November 2021.

Here's how to use the Golden Ticket to access the "A New Home" event and explore a portion of the new, as-yet-unnamed map.

How to Craft a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

Exploring the new map requires making a Golden Ticket of your own. To do so, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Enter a Battle Royale match
  2. Find a Replicator (Marked with golden icons on the map)
  3. Collect 125 crafting materials and feed it to the Replicator to craft the Golden Ticket (and a Legendary golden weapon sporting all the attachments)

This ticket only needs to be crafted once to see the map preview.

How to See the Apex Legends Season 15 Map Preview in the 'A New Home' Event

Once you've crafted the ticket, return to the game's main menu and click the "Play Apex" icon. This will allow you to change the mode for which you're queueing. In the top right corner of the screen, you should see an icon labeled "A New Home." Choose that option and you'll hop into the queue.

After a brief wait, you'll load into the new map. Although it doesn't yet have a name, it's said to be set on Boreas' destroyed moon, Cleo. The lore implications of this location are manifold, and closely tied to Seer's backstory. It remains to be seen how Respawn Entertainment will develop the story.