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How to Access New Missions in Death Stranding Director's Cut

Image courtesy of Kojima Productions

Wondering how to access the new missions in Death Stranding Director's Cut? Here's what you need to know.

The PS5 upgrade for Death Stranding has finally arrived, and with it comes a whole new host of content and missions. Of course, in classic Kojima fashion, they might not be super obvious. To start the new missions, players will need to go through a few steps first. Whether you're starting fresh or picking up from where you left off, here's what you need to know in order to get stuck into the new stuff.

How to Access New Missions in Death Stranding Director's Cut

If you're beginning Death Stranding from the very start, you'll need to complete the first eight missions before you'll be able to begin the newly added ones. If you're resuming your save, and are beyond this point, then Die-Hardman should show up with a message for you upon loading in.

The new missions can only be accessed at the Distribution Center West of Capitol Knot City in the Eastern Region. Players can travel there manually or use the Fragile Jump if you're eager. Once you've reached the Distribution Center, access the terminal to activate the missions 'Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory'. The mission will say that the Maser Gun is the recommended tool, but you'll be given one once you start it.

Travel to the designated area, where you'll have to fight some Mules and test out the Maser Gun. Once they've been defeated, head inside the structure and get the Ruined Factory data from the post box. This is the catalyst to begin the new quests. Take the data back to the Distribution Center where you'll be able to pick up the next mission.