Call of Duty

How to Add an Enemy to Your Squad in Warzone 2


Fans who were patiently waiting for Warzone 2 to release were met with a plethora of new mechanics to use during their games. One of the most interesting new mechanics players have to work with is the assimilation mechanic, allowing players to switch sides in the middle of battle.

Working hand in hand with proximity chat, players will have the chance to recruit players met in-game to their squads, something that has never appeared before in a Call of Duty game. While the standard size for a squad is three members, meaning players cannot recruit higher than the game allows, playlists have been made in Warzone 2 allowing squads to grow beyond the traditional three-person team.

How Assimilation Works in Warzone 2

Inviting rogue players to join your squad is also incredibly simple to do. Holding the ping wheel will bring up the choice of inviting the player into your squad where they only have to accept the invitation and will be able to work alongside you and your teammates during the game.

While a small detail in the grand scheme of Warzone 2, this feature will open a lot of possibilities to make friends and work alongside them during your games of Warzone 2. Pairing this with proximity chat will leave Call of Duty feeling the most social it has in years.