Apex Legends

How to Add Friends on Apex Legends Cross Platform

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

To add friends on Apex Legends for cross-platform has become very easy after Respawn Entertainment had made this adjustment to the game in 2020.

Respawn even added a feature where players can see what platform their friends are playing on. This ability to play with friends from other platforms is important because they can party up no matter what console or computer you're on. This cross-platform playability branches out the opportunities for players and makes the game more inclusive to everyone.

How to Add Friends on Apex Legends Cross Platform

To add friends and play with them on Apex, first go to the “Friends” menu where players will then select “Find Friends”. Once selected, type their EA Public ID. 

Players can change how they can be searched by going into privacy settings, changing how other users can search for them by a player's email address, PSN Online ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, and Nintendo Nickname.

Once a player's friend has accepted the request, the available modes available for cross-platform friends are duos, triples, and Arena.

When playing with friends, the platforms that the different users are playing on are also visible to friends.

When in a party, console players will only be paired up with other console players, unless there is a PC player in the party. Games in that case will have a mix of both console and PC players.