How to Add Friends on Pokemon UNITE

How to Add Friends on Pokemon UNITE
How to Add Friends on Pokemon UNITE / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Adding friends on Pokemon UNITE is an essential element of teaming up with others and battling in the game. Playing with your friends in this game can make a thrilling experience, so here's everything you need to know about adding friends in Pokemon UNITE.

Unfortunately, players can't automatically transfer their Nintendo Switch Online friends into Pokemon Unite. You'll have to enter their information into your Pokemon UNITE list.

When adding friends in the game, you should first enter your Pokemon UNITE home page and select X in order to get the menu and choose the Friends program.

How to Add Friends on Pokemon UNITE

After choosing the Friends feature, you can access your Friends list and select the plus button for incoming Friend requests.

Players can also add friends through Friend Search, which is located at the top of the screen as a search bar. Players can type in a friend's trainer ID, which can be found on their homepage. The trainer ID is located on the lower part of their profile card.

If you're attempting to add a player from your Nintendo Switch Online friend list, you can select the minus button on the search bar. However, this action only works if your friend is online and is playing on the same console. If you notice their name on the list, you can then offer a friend request.

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