How to Adjust Screen Size in Fortnite

How to adjust screen size in Fortnite is important to know upon Fortnite Chapter 2's release this week. The game's new map will have players exploring previously unseen mountains, forests, and valleys in their quest for a Victory Royale, and in order to completely enjoy everything Chapter 2's map has to offer, it's best to adjust your screen to the highest resolution possible. Here's how to do it on your system of choice.

How to adjust screen size in Fortnite

PS4: In the game menu, set "Uncap Framerate" to on, set "Invert View" to on, and hit triangle to lock in the changes. This should cause your system to automatically reset your screen to an optimal resolution.

XBox One: Go to system settings in your console, select "Display and Sound," then select "Video Output," and then select "Calibrate HDTV." You will then be presented will several configurations that you can cycle through. Select the screen configuration that best fits your monitor.

PC: For many PC players, the transition to Chapter 2 may have reset a lot of your settings. To optimize resolution on PC, open Settings from the Fortnite main menu. Head over to the video tab, and select the "Window Mode" option. Switch from "Window Mode" to "Fullscreen Mode," and your screen should automatically get adjusted to the optimal resolution for your monitor.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games