How to Aim Better in Fortnite

Check out our tips on how to aim better in Fortnite.
Check out our tips on how to aim better in Fortnite. / Epic Games

The easiest way to climb the ladder in Fortnite Ranked is to make sure your aim is on point.

As Fortnite continues to innovate their game, launching Zero Build and releasing unique Creative islands, new and returning players are giving Epic Games' title another try. No matter what mode you play, your aim must be crisp to tally eliminations, complete mini-games, and secure a Victory Royale.

Check out a few simple ways all players can aim better in Fortnite.

How to Aim Better in Fortnite

The best way to aim better in Fortnite is to adjust your sensitivity. If you find your AR shots not hitting, or your SMG bullets spraying in all the wrong directions, then you should lower your sens. Start with your sens at 5 and then test out if you need it a little bit higher or lower.

If you play on keyboard & mouse, you might want to try out a controller and reap the rewards of its broken aim assist. Hit one headshot and then all of a sudden your gun will not move. A bit of an easy way out, but effective for beginners.

Like any shooter game, though, the best way to improve your aim is to practice. Before you drop into a Battle Royale match, run some aim courses in Fortnite Creative to get more comfortable with the current weapon pool. Raider's Aim Training Map, code 6531-5731-1207, will help you improve both your close and long range aim.