How to Avoid Warzone's Gas Mask Frustrations

Ways to avoid gas mask frustrations in Warzone.
Ways to avoid gas mask frustrations in Warzone. / Credit: Activision, Infinity Ward

With a constantly enclosing circle, gas masks in Warzone are a vital, often overlooked, component of Call of Duty's most recent battle royale release.

After finding one from looting, players do not need to worry about applying the gas mask to their virtual faces once the lethal aroma hits. Once the time comes, the game will passively place a gas mask on the face of every character model who obtains one beforehand. These masks won't last forever, and players can observe their's mask longevity in the bottom left corner of their screens.

Withal, they conduct a state of fret for all players when actively being put on. Any second a player's guard is let down, they are exposed an insurmountable amount of factors that restrain them from engaging in combat.

How to Avoid Warzone's Gas Mask Frustrations

Looking more closely, it is apparent that this player is unwillingly withheld from shooting back at their target due to the gas mask animation. This ultimately costs them their chance at the game.

Nonetheless, here a few procedures that will avoid that infuriating gas mask animation.

1. Use Akimbo Weapons

Setting a custom Akimbo class loadout will thwart the gas mask animation from obstructing players in-game. Sprinting with both hands preoccupied when the storm hits, the gas mask seemingly activates with a lack of animation to go along with it. This outlandish hotfix was found by Reddit user six3sixkawi.

2. Activate a Heartbeat Sensor

A second means of navigating around Warzone's gas mask vexations is to equip a heartbeat sensor near the ring's ingrained collapse on Verdansk. Albeit forced to quickly scan the surrounding area with their weapon off-screen, this approach is certainly quicker than the gas mask animation.

This useful tactic was originally found by Reddit user RoninMk7.

Leave it to Reddit to discover abnormal fixes that out-glitch nuisances within the game itself. Maybe for the next patch, Call of Duty fans won't have to worry about fixing the game themselves.