Pokemon GO

How to Battle a Challenger in Pokémon GO

Courtesy of Nintendo

Pokémon GO is celebrating the World Championship 2022 by giving players challengers that are available to fight. Challengers can be found until Aug. 23, 2022, after you redeem one of the timed research codes. Here is a guide on how to find and battle a challenger in Pokémon GO.

How to Find a Challenger in Pokémon GO

The challengers frequently appear, if you do not see a challenger near you, one will pop up soon. When your PokéStop starts shaking, that is signaling that there is a challenger waiting for you. Try walking around an area with several PokéStops to make it easier to find a challenger.

How to Battle a Challenger in Pokémon Go

Battling a challenger in Pokémon GO is the same as any other Pokémon GO fight. Every time you defeat a challenger, it will contribute to the timed research quest for the World Championship. Keep in mind that the challengers do not use shields and you get to two. It should be easy to win against them.

Six World Championship Challengers appear throughout the event in Pokémon GO. You can encounter the same challenger multiple times and battle them. Each challenger has different Pokemon teams, so if you encounter them more than once, you will face a different team each time. We recommend that you choose high leveled Pokemon with different types for your team so you are well prepared for the battle. This can increase the chances of winning!