How to Battle in Great League in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO: How to Battle in Great League
Pokemon GO: How to Battle in Great League / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Great League features a series of Trainer Battles, and Rank placement. Here's how to battle in the Great League and move up in Pokemon GO's Battle Ranks.

How to Battle in Great League in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO's Great League is considered one of the simplest leagues to enter as it requires Pokemon with 1500 Combat Points at most. With this low Combat Point standard, players can utilize Pokemon with similar stats against each other.

Players should first unlock battles through walking 3 km and entering five Trainer Battles as a result. After finishing these battles and increasing your rank, you should continue to battle other trainers with equal ranks in order to increase your chance to rise in the ranking system.

When beginning your Battle League activities at rank one, you can rise at the start despite winning or losing your battles. Players will eventually have to win their battles in order to increase their rank.

Players can begin a Trainer Battle through opening their Main Menu and selecting the Battle part of the app. Trainers should then scroll down to Nearby Battle, which will let players scan another person's QR code.

After scanning your opponent's QR code, players can then select Great, Ultra, or Master League. Pokemon GO users can also select a team from of their pre-chosen teams or create a new Battle team.