How to Be Good at Apex Legends

How to be good at Apex Legends isn't just an easy question to answer.

You might be asking yourself that question as you face elimination for the tenth, maybe twentieth game in a row. Here are three tips to help you improve your play style, and help you earn the sweet taste of victory.

How to Be Good at Apex Legends

Learn to Move Faster

Stealth and swiftness is a key component to staying alive in APEX Legends, yet running with a gun can be pretty cumbersome and slow you down. To run faster when under fire, holster your weapon by hitting the change weapon item on your respective controller and sprint away to find cover. You should also learn to slide into cover by sprinting and hitting the crouch button while you move. This will allow you to baseball slide into cover.

Get Comfortable With a Specific Legend

Depending on your favorite play style, you should try and figure out a Legend that best compliments how you play. If you're looking to dominate opponents with serious firepower, choose Bangalore. If you're looking to support your team from the shadows, go with Cypher.

Get Familiar With Weapons

Just like getting comfortable with one or two specific heroes, it is important to have an understanding of the weapons you use. Learn which weapons, such as the Kraber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun, come only from loot drops to get an edge on your opponents.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts