How to Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO

Arlo is part of Team GO Rocket in Niantic's Pokemon GO
Arlo is part of Team GO Rocket in Niantic's Pokemon GO / Photo by Niantic Labs

How to beat Arlo in Pokemon GO is on the minds of many as Team GO Rocket are now live.

This Pokemon GO event started giving players with a special Research quest called "Looming in the Shadows." Throughout this, you will be tasked with defeating three different Team GO Rocket Leaders. One of those leaders is Arlo.

Here is everything you need to know in order to defeat this leader.

How to Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO

The best way to find Arlo is by assembling the Rocket Radar, which can be found by defeating Team GO Rockets Grunts and gathering six mysterious components. Once the radar is created, tap the Rocket Radar button and it will reveal the hideouts in range. The leaders will appear next to the Pokestop in which they are located. Leaders are stronger than grunts, but if you lose you can challenge them again until the hideout disappears.

As of the latest update, Arlo has a three Pokemon team that consists of Bagon, Charizard and Salamence. The best counters to this team are Mamoswine and a Mewtwo that has Psycho Cut & Ice Beam. Raikou and Rhyperior are also solid options because they counter every member of Arlos's team.

After defeating Arlo players are rewarded a shadow Bagon that has the chance to be shiny. Shadow Absol and Stantler are also available from the other two Team GO Rocket leaders, which also have a chance to be shiny.