How to Beat Cover 3 Madden 20

How to beat Cover 3 in Madden 20 is a common question for those looking to defeat the AI's natural defense choice.

Cover 3 is a pass-focused defense and will be usually seen in third-and-long situations. Most would assume the best way to beat the coverage is to throw underneath in between the zone gaps, but that's not always true.

How to Beat Cover 3 Madden 20

Alongside Cover 2, Cover 3 is one of the basic zone defenses in the game. It's a zone with three players deep and four under.

To beat the defense and grab your first down, you need to do crossing routes or multiple long routes that cause the safety to make a poor choice.

Use a four receiver set and send three with similar post or go routes down the field, one should be more open the rest, since the safety in the area can't cover them all.

You need to time the route well, and drop in the pass early. If you sit, the safety will make a move on the ball and intercept them.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports