How to Beat Gothorita in Pokemon GO

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

Fashion Week 2021 has added lots of content in Pokemon GO, including an all-new Tier 3 raid boss: Gothorita. Here’s how to defeat Gothorita in Pokemon GO.

Gothorita was introduced in Pokemon Black and White, serving as the middle evolution in the Gothita evolution line. Gothorita is a good Pokemon, but nothing compared to the evolution: Gothitelle. However, as a Raid Boss, they're tricky Pokemon that can cause some problems. But players shouldn’t stress too much about it, as some of the best Pokemon in the game are capable of taking this boss down.

How to Beat Gothorita in Pokemon GO

The trick to defeating Gothorita is to use powerful Pokemon against them, specifically Pokemon that can exploit their weakness. Gothorita is a Psychic-type, so Dark, Ghost, and Bug-types are the way to go here. Do not bring any Fighting or Poison-types to this raid, as they will get mauled by Gothorita’s psychic moves.

The following Pokemon are recommended for taking this boss on:

  • Mega Houndoom
  • Mega Gyarados
  • Mega Gengar
  • Darkrai
  • Weavile
  • Giratina (Origin Form)
  • Yvetal

Not only will those Pokemon deal major damage against the Psychic-type, but their typings allow for Gothorita’s moves to be ineffective. While they’re struggling to deal damage, these Pokemon will fight back with immense force.

Gothorita is now available to challenge as a Raid Boss in Pokemon GO.