How to Beat Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

Shadow Ho-Oh is now available for players to catch in Pokemon GO, but not before you beat it first. The legendary fire- and flying-type Pokemon is now a member of Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni's team, and players must defeat it before they can rescue it from Giovanni's clutches.

Here's our guide for how to beat Shadow Ho-Oh, and add the legendary Pokemon to your collection.

How to Beat Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO

You'll be able to encounter Shadow Ho-Oh by completing the "A Seven-Colored Shadow" mission, which provides you with a Super Rocket Radar used to fight Giovanni.

Shadow Ho-Oh will be the last Pokemon on Giovanni's team, and it is a formidable opponent with high attack, defense and HP stats. You'll have a hard time beating it without bringing strong Pokemon that target its weaknesses and resist its attacks. Luckily, Ho-Oh has a few weaknesses you can exploit.

Pokemon Tyranitar
Tyranitar is a good counter to Ho-Oh / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

The best element to bring into the battle is Rock, because the fire- and flying-type Ho-Oh is doubly weak to it. Rock-type Pokemon also resist two of Ho-Oh's charged moves: Brave Bird and Fire Blast. Bring a Pokemon like Tyranitar or Rhyperior, and use the quick attack Smack Down and the charged attack Stone Edge to take care of Ho-Oh quickly.

If you don't have a strong Rock-type Pokemon, you can also opt for other Pokemon that can learn a Rock-type charged attack, such as Landorus. Otherwise, your next best shot is strong Water- or Electric-type Pokemon that can target Ho-Oh's other two weaknesses. Gyarados, Zapdos, or Ampharos are some good examples.