How to Block a Goal in Pokemon UNITE

How to Block a Goal in Pokemon UNITE
How to Block a Goal in Pokemon UNITE / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Blocking a goal in Pokemon UNITE is a crucial factor in defending your team and winning the match. Whether you're playing Ninetales as an attacker or utilizing Wigglytuff as a supporter, here's everything you need to know about blocking a goal in the game.

Players should prevent an opponent from gaining points in their goal zones. A greater number of points will prolong the process of making a score. However, Pokemon UNITE fans can't simply attack a foe as a form of blocking a goal.

Many Pokemon have moves that can interfere with an opponent, often paralyzing them. Known as Hinderance moves, these moves consist of Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Slowpoke's Telekineses, Wigglytuff's Rollout, and Ninetail's Dazzling Gleam.

How to Block a Goal in Pokemon UNITE

If you notice a member of the opposing team trying to score a goal in your vicinity, you should select your Hinderance move in order to divert their trajectory. When fully blocking a move, players might notice the process bar above an opponent's head rest. It's also recommended to attack the foe after blocking their moves.

While Hinderance moves are helpful for blocking the opposing team from making a goal, players should also check if their Pokemon are best suited for a defending position.

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