How to Breathe Underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

Courtesy of Guerilla Games / Screenshot: @MdeavorVP

Want to breathe underwater for longer in Horizon Forbidden West? Here's what you need to know.

When starting a journey in Horizon Forbidden West, players quickly learn that Aloy can swim and go underwater. However, Aloy can only hold her breath for a short while underwater before needing to surface for air.

To better explore the lakes and sea in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy will need a Diving Mask. The Diving Mask allows Aloy to stay underwater for as long as players wish and is needed to fully explore the world.

How to Breathe Underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

To acquire the Diving Mask, players need to start and complete The Sea of Sands questline.

The Sea of Sands quest has Aloy acquire the necessary items to craft the Diving Mask. To start, head to the Las Vegas ruins and find the flooded building, The Tower of Tears. After a brief cutscene, the quest will begin.

Follow tracks using your Focus and take out enemies along the way. Loot the bodies of the Longlegs and return to Morlund, who will give you Diving Gear. From there, players will dive through the caves searching for valves to turn. Once both valves are turned, head back to the Maintenance Pump Station.

Finally, players will take out the Tideripper using Shock damage. After eliminating the Tideripper, players can grab Poseidon and exit the caves. Simply return to Morlund and turn in the quest. Completing the quest will grant players the Diving Mask and the ability to fully explore the waters below.