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How to Build a Roof in V Rising

Photo courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising, a new open-world survival game, is currently available in Early Access for PC. In it, you play as a vampire attempting to survive in a world flooded with sunlight, dangerous animals, and townspeople who want nothing else but your death.

Building shelter is one of the most important things to do in the game to avoid the sunlight that will quickly destroy you — so how do players build a roof?

How to Build a Roof in V Rising

To be able to build a roof, you will need to build two other things first: reinforced walls and floors. The flooring can be of any type. When a player adds the final wall to a room with flooring, the roof will automatically construct itself. Unfortunately, this means that players cannot customize the style of their roof at all — at least, currently — but the ability to change the design of the roof may be added later in the game's development.

V Rising can currently be purchased on Steam for $19.99. The developers are also hosting a giveaway, where winners will receive a copy of V Rising in Early Access alongside DLC.