How to Buy Clothes on PUBG

How to buy clothes on PUBG is a popular question. It's simpler then going down to the store and trying out dozens of outfits at least.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer shooter that kick-started the current trend of battle royale games. Developed and published by PUBG Corporation, subsidiary of Bluehole, PUBG set the norm of letting a large numbers of players loose into a wide-open map which gradually shrinks in playable areas with the end goal of leaving one man alive.

While it may have get the ball rolling in popularizing the battle royale genre in the mainstream, PUBG has definitely taken more than a small influence from other games, especially in its monetization scheme. One such example of this is its clothes and cosmetics.

How to Buy Clothes on PUBG

The wide variety of clothing can be acquired in different ways.

They can normally be found randomly through opening crates that can be purchased with Battleground Points. Each crate has a random item, with the more expensive crates granting better probability of higher-tier items.

Some clothing items, like the Trenchcoat, can only be gotten through pre-order or similar limited event-exclusivity.

On PC, clothes can also be purchased directly from other players through the Steam Community Market on Steam.

Finally, clothes can be acquired through Survivor Pass rewards. Leveling up after buying a Survivor Pass will unlock cosmetic items such as Bond-themed classy spy suits.

In other news, PUBG received hotfixes earlier this week and PUBG Mobile has been banned in China.

Cover image courtesy of PUBG Corporation